Ronnie is a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 Hour Seasonal Yoga Teacher. He trained at the world renowned Seasonal Yoga Studio in Glasgow under tutors Julie Hanson, Sue Woodd, Marit Akinewe and Claire Davidson.

Ronnie has a background in Tai Chi having run the East End Tai Chi Club, based in Paisley Grammar, for many years. Coming to yoga after a running injury he has been practicing since 2014, becoming a 200 hour teacher in 2018.

Seasonal Flow Yoga is a potent fusion of three spiritual traditions that has been expertly and organically created into an exciting modern day yoga practice that allows us to rediscover the forgotten truth about living in harmony with nature. For each Season particular energies are dominant and particular organs are at their most active. the seasonal flow class will bring attention to these energies and organs by moving with their needs, the end result is a feeling of balance and re-energised harmony.

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