How to Start Getting Fitter

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How to start getting fitter !

If you are just starting out and struggling with your overall goal and finding it difficult . Try to slow it down instead of trying to change everything at once take things one step at a time , break it down and once a new habit is in place add another .

1/Focus on your food . Try to eat single ingredient foods and home cooked regular meals . Create a small calorie deficit and try to build a routine .

2/Improve your sleep . Sleep has a big role on performance , recovery, mood and adherence to any plan . So work on getting enough sleep . - -

3/Make exercise a habit . You don’t need to try and commit to five six days a week , make time to exercise once/twice a week , and as your fitness improves and your lifestyle changes momentum will pick up and you will be training every day before you know it . Even 20-30 minutes a day is a start . Make time !

4/Stick to a simple plan . The basics will always work best ! Keep your plan simple and easy to follow . Get good at the basic exercises that will be best suited towards your goal . I would suggest learning and working on your compound lifts .

5/Progressive overload Make sure that you are progressing with your plan and lifts , you should be getting stronger . Increase your weights whenever you are hitting your desired reps of a weight easily, this will insure you are putting the correct amount of stress on the muscle for progression .

6/Permanent Change . Once you have made a small change over time it will be easier to make it a long lasting change and all the small changes will add up to being able to achieve your overall goal . Be consistent and patient .

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