5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation can come and go when you trying to stay fit and healthy .

Here are five ways to stay motivated and keep yourself moving !

▪️Set a fitness goal .

If you have a clear idea of what you’re working towards and what you want to accomplish it’s a big step in keeping you motivated . Keep focused on your target and keep working for it ! -

▪️Track your progress.

Keep a record of your workouts , your progress and results . On the days you feel like you’re not making any progress you can look back and see how far you’ve come . Knowing that all the work you’ve put in so far is paying off should be enough to keep you moving forward .

▪️Work out in a class or a group .

One of the benefits of working out in a group is that the others know when your slacking . Staying accountable to each other and even adding in a little bit of competition will give you the extra support and motivation needed on the days you just can’t be bothered moving off of the couch .

▪️Stay Accountable .

Check your progress and revisit your goals regularly . By training in a group or hiring a trainer will give you the extra accountability . having others push you on that extra bit will help to keep the motivation level up . -

▪️ Make it fun !

Enjoy what you do . If you don’t like something eventually you will stop doing it . Find an activity you like to stay active . Mix up your workouts now and again . Set mini challenges to keep things more interesting . Compete with yourself to get one more rep than last time , run a distance a little faster than last week , or lift a little heavier .

Motivation won’t always be there . Make exercise part of your daily routine and it will become a habit.

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