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This is iconic.

We specialise in unparalleled lifestyle transformations. We are the best, we provide the best and we bring the best out in you.

We have portfolio of amazing results but we celebrate much more than scale success at iconic. 

We have taken people off the couch and made them marathon runners. We have taken people from self deprecation to self confidence. We have taken inches off where they are no longer wanted and sculpted definition.

We have a schedule full of varied fitness classes including iconic.bootcamp, and plus many more.

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We have a strong team of coaches who have been put through their training by iconic. The coaches have been where you have been and they are ready to inspire you to work hard to transform your lifestyle.

You will find much more than fitness here at iconic. We offer nutritional advice, mindset management and high performance activewear. 



Our members provide a network of positive support for each other. We have members who are running their first mile and members who are completing ultra marathons. We have members who are at the peak of their physical fitness and members who have long term health conditions. They are all working hard on their lifestyles. No one is judged at iconic.

So if you find yourself wanting to be more, that your lifestyle no longer makes you feel good, that you want to be a better version of you then join us today. 

Become iconic.

I feel like a completely new person, never in a millions years did I think I would come this far but honestly couldn’t have done it without fiona and the whole team, everyone is so friendly and encouraging of each other.
— Ashley



We celebrate more than scale success at iconic.

We celebrate fitness as a lifestyle and everything that comes with it as well as celebrating incredible weight loss journeys. Come add your success to our achievement list by becoming iconic.

Here are some of our clients and coaches incredible achievements to date;

  • Client Inch Loss
  • Marathons
  • 10k
  • 5k
  • New PB
  • Weight loss
  • Coaches new qualifications