My name is Gemma Kerr and I am here to push you towards your ultimate goals whatever they may be. I am a highly motivational trainer whois here to support you. Not only do I offer 1:1 training within the gym I also offer personalised running sessions to either kick start your running career or to get you a new personal best. I am also one of the few personal trainers in Renfrewshire who offer personal training for teenagers. I can also offer tailored fitness plans and offer advice on nutrition. Book in for a free consultation today and see where Gemma Kerr Fitness can take you!


When I met my trainer Fiona, I was only 16yrs old. I wanted to become a better runner and my love affair with fitness started when I got into the couch to 5k programme. After I completed this I knew I had to keep running and I then started upping my miles to 10k, half marathon and eventually marathon. 

As well as enjoying running I started going to bootcamps, not long after starting bootcamp I joined the gym so I would be able to try things and push myself.

I am a fully qualified running coach and a fully qualified personal trainer. Personal training is exactly that, personal. Everything about personal training is tailored to you and your goals. I still do personal training with my coach Fiona, even personal trainers need coached! 

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Bootcamps with Gemma Kerr Fitness are different to your traditional functional bootcamps. You won’t be doing body weight exercises alone you’ll be using resistance machines as well as getting your heart rate up with cardio! I will be supporting you to learn the correct technique for each of the different exercises we do in our Bootcamp so that means this class is suitable for any fitness levels. Whatever your fitness goal is this class and Gemma Kerr Fitness will help you achieve it.

Teen bootcamp

The Gemma Kerr Fitness Teen Bootcamp is suitable for children from age 11-17 and is a great class for upping your fitness game or as an introduction to health and fitness. In our teen Bootcamp will be exciting and different every week but you will be working hard doing cardio and strength training using a variety of functional and cardio equipment. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and will be a fun and supportive environment to get fit in!


Running is my passion and I have helped train runners of all different levels from couch25k up to a marathon. I myself am now an experienced runner but I started my journey on a couch 25k programme. When I coach the run club all different levels are welcome. No runner is left behind as It is structured for everyone. Some runs might involve Hill sprints, interval training and speed training but one things for sure is no two runs are ever the same!


Kettlebells is one of the most diverse classes out there. We will work collectively on technique, strength, balance and co-ordination but it’s tailored to each individual so this class is open to all fitness levels 

Kettlebells class are all about each individual.


Inductions are a great for new gym members and seasoned gym goers alike! You’ll be shown how to use the machines in the gym effectively and safely as well as being given a programme for you to work through on your own in the gym. After 4 -6 weeks remember to get yourself booked back in to review your programme.

How am I different from other personal trainers? Well I’m a motivational trainer for a start which I can help push you when needed to make sure your getting to that goal which can be absolutely anything. As well as working hard in the gym I offer 1-1 running sessions, where it could be to get you started with running or just to help improve your running. When you book a session or come in for a chat I’ll be there and be more than happy to change a time if the circumstances change. If your looking for advice on new fitness plan or some nutrition advice I can keep you on track. For my personal training I do single sessions and blocks. Not every pt can train teenagers but I can, I can help in the gym or take classes. 

I am a personal trainer who is able to train teenagers.  I love my running where I’ve done few marathons and I like to see people grow within there running.  Also I’m a motivational person where I’ll be able to help you with your fitness journey and help make sure you get to your goal whilst continuing to work hard. Running isn’t the only thing I enjoy, I enjoy mixing my training up as well as strength training. Well how did I start my fitness journey? Well I started the couch25k programme where I met my trainer and owner of iconic when I was only 16 years old. After the couch25k I continued running right upto marathon as well as going to bootcamps and trying the gym to push myself and try new things. Now I’m a qualified personal trainer and running coach, I still do personal training with Fiona especially since there’s still times where trainers need that little push.