Iconic’s founder and managing director Fiona McLean is not only a major series marathon runner and fitness business owner she was the first female in the UK to deliver a warship to the Royal Navy. In a previous life before the world of fitness she led major engineering projects across the UK up to the value of £1B. Fiona is perfectly placed to facilitate your next career move, promotion or career change. Having been it, seen it, done it and got the t shirt she is available locally and internationally to support and guide you through the changes you are thinking of in your life.


leadership consultancy

You are you. Accept it. You are the managing director of your own life and I can guarantee I will personally help you increase your net worth both financially, mentally and physically.


Include health and fitness training

As well as helping with career consultancy Fiona is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Major Series Marathon runner so if you want to combine getting fitter in body as well as mind she is a perfect choice.


Career optimisation