Inverness Halfmarathon

Team Iconic conquer the highlands!

Medals all round!


On Sunday 10 March 2019 twenty of our iconic runners braved the worst storm to hit Scotland in (my)living memory to travel north to Inverness and take on the dreaded Inverness half marathon. As they battled through snow storms that’d make many lesser teams turn back brave driver John, guided them on to their destination.

In the face of gale force winds, they took their places and were off, the long hours of training, half six starts on bitter winter mornings, icicles forming on their dripping noses, the blizzard runs on top of Glennifer Braes, all started to pay off as one by one they dug in and ran their hearts out.

Like warrior poets the iconic team came home, racing over the finish line the pride of Lawn St shining in their weathered wind lashed faces.

Brave runners, we salute you!